Computer Hardware Exam Questions – Set 11

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Q1. You are testing the resistance in Ohms of a fuse on a 15K amp system. If the fuse is good, the meter should read?

(A) 0.0
(B) 0.2
(C) 5.0
(D) 2.0

Answer: (A) 0.0

Q2. What’s the best way to prevent damaging your PC with static electricity?

(A) Place your PC on a rubber mat
(B) Wear leather soled shoes
(C) Periodically touch a safe ground point on the PC to discharge yourself
(D) Wear an ESD wrist strap

Answer: (D) Wear an ESD wrist strap

Q3. Which of the following FRUs would be considered both an input/output device?

(A) Video board
(B) SCSI host adapter
(C) System board CPU
(D) None of the above

Answer: (B) SCSI host adapter

Q4. Which of the following is a type of preventative maintenance used on a hard drive?

(A) Disk check diagnostics
(B) Head alignment diagnostics
(C) Initializing
(D) Uninstalling programs

Answer: (A) Disk check diagnostics

Q5. The terms “red book”, “yellow book”, and “orange book” refer to:

(B) Floppy drive technology
(C) CD-ROM standards
(D) All of the above

Answer: (C) CD-ROM standards

Q6. A COM port is a __ port.

(A) Parallel
(B) Serial
(C) Static

Answer: (B) Serial

Q7. Which REQUIRES an anti-static bag for transport?

(A) Monitor
(B) Floppy disks
(C) Power supply
(D) I/O controller

Answer: (D) I/O controller

Q8. Which controller would support an external CD-ROM drive?


Answer: (D) SCSI

Q9. During boot-up, the memory test:

(A) Is a superfluous step that should be ignored
(B) Checks and verifies that contiguous memory is installed
(C) Is an operational error
(D) Displays what memory is installed, but nothing else

Answer: (B) Checks and verifies that contiguous memory is installed

Q10. The floppy drive uses which DMA (direct memory access) channel?

(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 9

Answer: (A) 2

Q11. A standard multimeter is ideal for measuring a monitors high voltage output.

(A) True
(B) False

Answer: (B) False

Q12. To find out how much memory is available, you could type __


Answer: (B) MEM

Q13. IRQ6 is typically reserved for:

(A) The floppy
(B) The keyboard controller
(C) LPT2
(D) The modem

Answer: (A) The floppy

Q14. To install a second IDE drive into a computer, you must:

(A) Set the master-slave jumper to slave on the second drive
(B) Use the IDE configuration software to set the new drive as slave
(C) Verify that you define the new drive as D: in the CMOS setup
(D) Verify that you attach the drive to the connector at the end of the ribbon cable

Answer: (A) Set the master-slave jumper to slave on the second drive

Q15. During the fusing process, toner is:

(A) Dry pressed into the paper
(B) Electrically bonded to the paper
(C) Melted into the paper
(D) High pressure sprayed onto the paper

Answer: (D) High pressure sprayed onto the paper

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