Highway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf – Set 06

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Q1. Hill roads are

(A) Provided camber along spur curves
(B) Provided camber along valley curves
(C) Seldom provided a camber
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Seldom provided a camber

Q2. The total value of extra widening required at a horizontal curve on a two lane hill road of radius 42 m for a design speed of 50 kmph and for vehicles with wheel base 6 m, is

(A) 0.500 m
(B) 0.589 m
(C) 1.089 m
(D) 0.089 m

Answer: (C) 1.089 m

Q3. If d is the economic designed depth of a slab, the thickness of the cement concrete pavement slab at interior, is kept

(A) 1.275 d
(B) 1.125 d
(C) 0.85 d
(D) 0.75 d

Answer: (C) 0.85 d

Q4. The method of design of flexible pavement as recommended by IRC is

(A) Group index method
(B) CBR method
(C) Westergaard method
(D) Benkelman beam method

Answer: (B) CBR method

Q5. Which of the following represents hardest grade of bitumen?

(A) 30/40
(B) 60/70
(C) 80/100
(D) 100/120

Answer:(A) 30/40

Q6. The ductility value of bitumen for suitability in road construction should not be less than

(A) 30 cm
(B) 40 cm
(C) 50 cm
(D) 60 cm

Answer: (C) 50 cm

Q7. A district road with a bituminous pavement has a horizontal curve of 1000 m for a design speed of 75 km ph. The super-elevation is

(A) 1 in 40
(B) 1 in 50
(C) 1 in 60
(D) 1 in 70

Answer: (A) 1 in 40

Q8. The weight of vehicles affects

(A) Pavement thickness
(B) Ruling gradient
(C) Limiting gradient
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q9. If L is the length of a moving vehicle and R is the radius of curve, the extra mechanical width b to be provided on horizontal curves,

(A) L/R
(B) L/2R
(C) L²/2R
(D) L/3R

Answer: (C) L²/2R

Q10. The head of public works department of any Indian state, is

(A) Transport Minister
(B) Chief Engineer
(C) Superintending Engineer
(D) Executive Engineer

Answer: (B) Chief Engineer

Q11. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) The height of head light above road surface, is taken as 0.75 m
(B) The beam of head light is up to one degree upwards from the grade of road
(C) While designing the valley curve, the height of the object is assumed nil
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q12. Interior thickness of concrete road slab for design wheel load 6300 kg and permissible flexural stress 21 kg/cm2, is

(A) 17.0 cm
(B) 25.5 cm
(C) 34.0 cm
(D) 42.5 cm

Answer: (B) 25.5 cm

Q13. Tie bars in cement concrete pavements are at

(A) Expansion joints
(B) Contraction joints
(C) Warping joints
(D) Longitudinal joints

Answer: (D) Longitudinal joints

Q14. The number of repetitions, which the pavement thickness designed for a given wheel load should be able to support during the life pavement is

(A) 1000
(B) 10,000
(C) 1,00,000
(D) 10,00,000

Answer: (D) 10,00,000

Q15. For rapid curing cutbacks, the oil used is

(A) Gasoline
(B) Kerosene oil
(C) Light diesel
(D) Heavy diesel

Answer: (A) Gasoline

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